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Interview With Chris Cryptic (08 December 2006)

Chris Cryptic Chris Cryptic

For those who don't know you, go ahead and introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Chris Johnston, I am currently in year 12 at Marian College. Life is good at the moment, I enjoy playing sport in general and love having a good time. My mates are those involved in wrestling, such as HWS, HVWA and obviously IYHWA, so it's sweet.

Describe your personality. Do you think others see you this way? If not, why not?

I see myself as an easy going guy. I dont mind the social side of life, as I host a fair few people at my place for events etc. on a regular basis. I am confident, and reasonably outgoing. I think people see me this way, and if they didnt, i'm sure they would let me know about it. I would like to think that people enjoy being around me, and don't mind my company.

What would you say is your greatest quality or characteristic?

My best quality would have to be my confidence. I am not afraid to speak to an audience or cut the odd "promo". I am currently School Captain, so I rely on this quite often.

What grade are you in? What is your favorite subject? Your least favorite? Do you like school? Is it easy or hard?

I am currently in year 12. My favourite subject would definatley be "Software Design and Developemt". I am not by any means good at it, but the content is enjoyable. Maths doesn't float my boat at all. The stuff in it just seems so irrelevant at times. It's annoying, as I know ill need it somewhere down the line.

School in general is ok. I am around IYHWA all day so thast a bonus.

At the moment school is hard, with assessment week coming up.

Do you have any nicknames you'd like to share?

Yeah, actually I have plenty. "Gopher, "Cripple Dick", "Lazy Gopher", "CJ", "Cryptic". Those are the main ones.

What would you say are the three most important things in your life?

My family (immediate and extended), love them so much. My friends, great people. Thirdly, my education.

Do you participate in any sports other than wrestling?

I have played many sports in the past. Wrestling has taken over them presently though. I have participated in soccer, cricket, tennis and AFL. I have played both indoor and outdoor forms of some sports. Wrestling has become my main "sport" nowadays. Love it so much.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies seem to stem of wrestling in some way, shape or form. I make Music Videos for IYHWA, which i enjoy immensley. I enjoy music, one of my favourite past times. Other than those two, Wrestling and sports in general are what keep me going these days.

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? Are you looking? Describe your ideal girl.

No. I spose so, not really sure. It will happen someday i guess. My ideal girl would be able to tolerate my interests, such as wreslting. Humourous, as I love to laugh. Easy going and be able to hang around my friends. Just a great all round personality would be awesome.

Describe your ideal day.

Wake up (hopefully). Have my favourite breakfast brought to my bed. Eat it whilst watching "Prison Break" on the TV. I Go onto the computer, make an IYHWA Music Video whilst downloading a video from every BYW federation in Aus. Prepare for an event after lunch and wrestle in an awesome match. Have a BBQ dinner with all my mates from the event. Set up camp upstairs, plug the camera in, and watch the days proceedings. Then bash the shit out of Diablo, so he cant sleep.

What is your favorite quote and why?

"Action cures fear". I think this sums up life. If you get in there and have a go, you will enjoy life to its full potential.

Do you drink? Smoke? Have you ever done drugs?

The three amigos on this one. No.

What would you like to do for a living in the future?

Im not too sure at this stage of my life. I enjoy making Videos, so it would be great to be in the Multimedia industry, making/editing videos for someone (eg. bands, etc). I also wouldnt mind going into Website Design. I have always loved making websites, and keeping them up to date. We will see what happens.

Do you plan on remaining in Australia to pursue your career goals, or do you think you will move elsewhere? Why?

Australia I think has good career oppurtunities in certain areas. If i were to persue my wrestling career, I would like to look overseas to the bigger names. However, being realistic, I will probably stay in Australia, and have a steady job, whilst wrestling for one of the independent federations such as WXA or AWF.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Steady Income. Family. While keeping contact with my friends that I have now. I would like to see myself wrestling in some way shape or form, but we'll see how it turns out. Scary thought actually.

What is one thing nobody, or very few people, knows about you that you're willing to share today?

I have an adopted sister. She can get annoying at times, but i know she means well.

If you became a professional wrestler, what sort of style do you see yourself wrestling with?

I would base my style around what I am today, with more speed and high-flying moves incorporated. When I watch the likes of AJ Styles, Petey Williams and Shawn Michaels, I can help but wonder what an awesome wrestler that would be if all their styles came together

Which wrestler would you say has had the greatest impact on you? What have you learned from him?

Shawn Michaels. From the first moment I was exposed to professinal wrestling, he was my idol. He amazing ability to capture crowds, work matches and entertain were second to none in my eyes. Whilst I have come to like other wrestlers today, he was the corner stone of my wrestling style, and dreams. Michaels taught me that wreslting was not just a sport, it was truly infact a entertainment industry. Captivating audiences is part of the deal, and he did it so well.

If you had to pick one wrestler, who would you say your current wrestling style is most like?

Triple H comes to mind. A strong based wrestler who focuses on the basics. Does the job, and most importantly, does it well.

Are there any backyard wrestlers you particularly admire and why?

There are so many great backyard wreslters that have inspired me over time. My first influence was CJ Pheonix. The presence that he brough to HVWA was so intense. The guys working around him were also class. The likes of Nick Fury, Branden X, Sychotic, Gene Knight and the HVWA crew, were of great inspiration. I will forever admire their work. There are numerous others such as YWF.

What's the most overused move in wrestling today?

Stomp. Without any second thoughts, the god damn stomp.

Your character is a heel. Why did you choose that? Would you like to play a face?

In the end it wasnt a matter of choice, rather a matter of numbers. When IYHWA first started, I was chosen to be heel in one way or another, and I have stuck with it. I dont know anything other than the heel character. I enjoy playing heel though. Its alot easier to make people hate you than it is for them to like you, but i genuinely enjoy playing heel. Playing face is definately on the cards in the future. the amount of Youtube fans im pulling is crazy!

How did you get into backyard wrestling? Did you start watching BYW first or actually doing it?

Late 2004 I watched my first WWE PPV "Summerslam". from then on i was a wrestling junkie. So much so that, my mates (now IYHWA) filmed events in my upstairs room of my house, with matresses for the ring. It became a joke, and dangerous in fact, so we decided to build a ring. My dad was fine with it, as it kept us off the street, and doing something useful with our time. I had found out about HVWA during this time, and had a vision to one day be like them. That vision of one day becoming a strong federation in AusBYW, to my amazement, has come true.

Who is your favorite professional wrestler? Why?

Shawn Michaels. He is getting older, but the character will always be there. Wrestling is evolving, with new, younger talent rising up to take the place of the classical veterans. The Heartbreak Kid will never leave my roots though when it comes to wrestling.

If you had to pick one professional federation to work for in the future, assuming that they all will be equally successful and that you will get paid the same amount no matter which you joined, which would it be and why?

AWF. If money wasnt an issue, and the federations were equally succsessful, i would without a doubt join AWF. Being close to home, and close to family and friends, it would be a dream. WWE or TNA sounds nice, but moving to America doesnt take my fancy. However if the federations are what they are today, i would be joining WWE.

What qualities do you think are necessary for somebody to be a great wrestler, both wrestling qualities/abilities as well as personality traits?

Being dedicated to the craft is a big part. You hear so many stories of being on the road non stop, and the hard work that goes into being involved with the industry, that is on a professional level though. On a smaller scale, confidence and charisma mixed in with the ability to actually wrestle, not necessarily flip your way to popularity.

What is your favorite style of wrestling to watch?

Wrestlers with speed and technical skills. A fast match is a good match. TNA are the masters of this in most cases. I love watching the likes of Paul London, Sanjay Dutt, Petey Williams and AHII. It will never get tiresome. Asian wrestling, although, is my favourite to watch. They are dead set magnificant.

Who have you most enjoyed wrestling so far? Why?

I always enjoy wrestling Blair Vertigo. We seem to click in the ring. My brother Underminer, i have always enjoyed wreslting, but we dont wrestle that much at events. So Blair Vertigo would be my favourite opponent. Whenever we get in the ring, we seem to pull off something special, no matter the circumstances.

Of those you have not yet faced, who would you most like to wrestle? Why?

Tommy EniX. Withoubt a doubt is the up and coming talent of IYHWA. Being my manager at the moment, I feel that a match with us would be sweet. Tommy EniX has a great "in-ring" persona and presence, which sets him up nicely. Hopefully in the future, it will happen in some way shape or form.

What do you think your best match has been?

Chris Cryptic vs Underminer at NightFire. The match, mixed with the atmosphere and the excitment made this a very enjoyable experience. I hope to be doing this again with Underminer in the future. He is the future of BYW in Australia, he has a great long career ahead of him. Loved this match.

Do you like having the ring at your house, or is it a burden? Do you think it gives you an advantage over your fellow wrestlers?

I am extremely lucky to be able to ave a ring in my backyard. Most people I speak to would kill for one in theirs. I believe it does give me a huge advantage over the others in IYHWA. Especially because I have Underminer. With all the good things that come with the ring, it can be a huge burden, not on me only, but the entire family. The constant money that we my dad thorws at the ring is phenomanal, eventually i wil get it back though. I am always fixing things, and hosting people for events (which is fine). I would not give up the ring for anything, as I said, I am extremely lucky.

What do you think the best match in IYHWA has been?

There has been many entertaining matches in the IYHWA ring. The one that stays in my memory constantly would have to be James Synite vs Jo-Jo from "Destiny's Challenge". Technically it wasnt the best, but the heat in that match, and the experience watching it will be apart of IYHWA forever.

Who do you think are the top three wrestlers in IYHWA and why?

IYHWA has many awesome wrestlers. This is a tough question to answer. I will not include myself in this list. Blair Vertigo would be up the top. His knowledge of wrestling has yet to be surpassed from anyone I know. Tommy EniX, although not technically sound, and a bit rough around the edges, is an awesome wrestler which I could watch all day. Its a bit far fetched, but Underminer is in my top 3. Underminer can sell, bump and take innovation to a new level. He will be great, and with the IYHWA guys around him, will become somehting huge.

Who do you believe is the most underrated wrestler in IYHWA? Why do you think that? Why do you believe he is underrated?

Curt Unearth. People dont give him the respect he deserves in most cases. Unearth has a great ability to work matches. Everyone needs work, and im sure in time, he will establish himself as one of the top contenders in IYHWA.

Explain the character you try to play with your in-ring personality. What's he like? What drives him? What is his style?

The character I try and portray in the ring is a power hungry heel who will do anything to win. I took Enix as my manager to help protect my championship. The Championship, and the desire to be the number one player in IYHWA is what drives Cryptic. The name Cryptic (meaning mysterious) is a good indication of his style. Solid based wrestler, that can throw in a trick or two to catch out his opponents

How do you see your character developing a year from now?

I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a wrestler. One thing will stay the same, that I will be up in the title picture, and still be as hungry as ever to remain at the top of the IYHWA chain. "Cryptic" as a character will be quite similar thourghout time. Who knows though what the future holds.

Describe your current ring attire. How did you select this attire? Do you think it says anything about your character?

My attire has no meaning. I actualy feel that I wrestle in a "face" type attire. I used colours that usually do not represent heels. I wear White and Green. I chose this attire by chance. I got dressed to wrestle back in the day for practice, and each time I seemed to practice, I seemed to be in the same gear, so it stuck.

How did you choose your wrestling name? Do you plan on changing it in the future?

My name is here to stay. I chose it, like most things i do, by chance. I used my first name, which is quite common, then went searching through a dictionary with Unearth one day in english, and came across "Cryptic". It had a meaning that suited wrestling (mysterious) so i took it, and have kept it until today.

What is a successful match to you? What has to happen for you to consider that you did well in it?

I feel best after matches when it seemed to flow nicely, with all the moves that were attempted are landed in the desired way. Most importantly I have to enjoy it. If I start not enjoying my matches, it will be time to quit. That time is yet to come. I have not disliked any matches yet. I love wreslting, so any match is a good match to me.

If there was one thing you could change about IYHWA, what would it be?

I know it sounds weird, and people will probably call me greedy, but the ring. I love it, its just so expensive to repair and maintain on a regular basis. As it was our first attempt, we built it as we went. Now we have built one, im sure the next one if the current one falls apart, will be 10 times better.

Step us through what the day of an event is like for you. Do you do anything special to prepare? Is it fun and games or business?

IYHWA is all about fun and games. Their is not tension surrounding events. I would wake up, and organsise my gear. if needed make final adjustments to ropes etc, and prepare for the days work. Wrestlers would arrive, and we would just take it easy, often running into the late afternoon. Great atmosphere at events, best times are had.

As a wrestler, what would be the biggest compliment you could receive from a fan? From your fellow wrestlers?

From a fan, a simple "Great match Cryptic, really enjoyed it" goes along way. From a fellow wreslter, "Thanks for the awesome match dude, really enjoyed it" would be the ultimate compliment

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thanks for all the support, we do appreciate your feedback, its awesome. IYHWA wouldnt be what it is without all the fans that get behind it.