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Interview With Scyther (03 March 2007)


For those who don't know you, go ahead and introduce yourself briefly.

First off my name is Joel Briscow (hate my name), only child (hate that also). Currently in year 11, go Blacktown Public, guess its alright. Love my parents heaps. If you want to know my age, check my profile. Have a retarded dog, thats about it...

Describe your personality. Do you think others see you this way? If not, why not?

Bit of a heel in 'real' life i guess. Dont put up with much stuff. Love having a good time, and bashing up kids called underminer haha. Dont know how others see me, i only see the IYHWA boys every so often when wreslting, wish i saw em more often, but i hope that see me in good light.

What would you say is your greatest quality or characteristic?

I guess my humour, i feel i can hold my own in that department. Love telling jokes, and cracking out one liners. Best of fun when wrestling.

What is your favorite subject? Your least favorite? Do you like school? Is it easy or hard?

Favourite subject would defintely have to be Chemistry, hopefully ill be able to blow some shit up one day lol. Least matchs, everyone hates that. School is gay, no one there that i can really connect to friends wise. All my friends live close to IYHWA (Chris' house) so that suks. School is easy, i think it should be hard, but i dont take it seriosuly enough.

Do you have any nicknames you'd like to share?


What would you say are the three most important things in your life?

1. My Family
2. Wrasslin'
3. My Car

What kind of car?

My dad bought me an old Honda Prelude for me 16th b'day, as an insentive to get my license. Love it so much.

Do you participate in any sports other than wrestling?

Played some ice hockey back in the day, recently played soccer for the Blacktown City. I do like getting out there and playing sports, but since i have started wrestling for IYH at Burning Desire, i have lost interest in all other things.

What are your hobbies?

I guess my car. Sounds weird but i love doing shit to it. engine work, or design

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? Are you looking? Describe your ideal girl.

Yeah. My ideal girl is the one i got basically. No names are going to be given here.

Describe your ideal day.

Well, Get up (hopefully), go for a mad drive somewhere. Go to somre car store, get something for my car, and spend the day doing stuff to it with friends that are into it also. Once that is all done, go for another drive. Go to Woolworths and buy heaps of shit to get 5c per litre off the petrol price lol and go home. If i have time, kill underminer.

What is your favorite quote and why?

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

I like this quote as it captures life beautifully. If ya get hurt, man up ya pussy.

Do you drink? Smoke? Have you ever done drugs?

Drink occasionally, not stupidly like Mark o Mac, but yeah. Smoking is gay, stinks like shit. Drugs are for those who have suffered in the previous question. Or the medically cleared, but lets not go into that.

What would you like to do for a living in the future?

Wreslting would be golden. However soemthing more realistic like working for "Pimp my Ride" would be just as good haha. Love graphic design though. Hopefully i can go places

Do you plan on remaining in Australia to pursue your career goals, or do you think you will move elsewhere? Why?

Wherever my career takes me, ill go. Sure i love it here, but theres a big world out there, with many underminers, that i can kill.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hard one. Wish it could be answered clearly. Hopefully with the girl im with now, Mrs X. Something that resembles a house, and decent wage that i can maintain. I hope i love life, thats a biggy for me.

What is one thing nobody, or very few people, knows about you that you're willing to share today?

For fucks sake i am not Chris Cryptic... thast about it. I need recognition!

If you became a professional wrestler, what sort of style do you see yourself wrestling with?

Similar to what i do now. Stiff. Nothing better than kicking someone, or forearming them hard. Nothing too falshy just get the job done in anyway i can. Ground based, with a few death moves in my arsenal that can put you to sleep.

Which wrestler would you say has had the greatest impact on you? What have you learned from him?

Mysterio. Early days i watched him, fell in love with the innovation. Sure the new TNA and ROH guys are awesome to watch, but ill always go back to my roots. Just thorugh watching mysterio and how he does things, has taught me a hell of alot

If Mysterio has had the biggest impact on you, why are your styles nothing alike?

Mainly thorugh the people i am wrestling. Doesnt take rocket science to work out that undermienr will get squashed by a hurricanrana by me. Over time i become accustomed to working with smaler guys than me. I do wreslte guys the same size occasionally, and bring out my inner mysterio (nightfire vs Enix for example). SO yeah, Undermienr has caused all my problems lol. I aint changing now though.

If you had to pick one wrestler, who would you say your current wrestling style is most like?

Got know idea. I dont watch enough TNA/ROH to know anyone from there, and no WWE guys seem to come to mind either. I didnt watch one guy (like some of the otehr IYHWA fellas) and say, i am going to be like him. If i was smaller, perhaps id be more like mysterio, who knows.

Are there any backyard wrestlers you particularly admire and why?

Red Blaze. An american backyarder who i absolutely love. Cant take my eyes of his matches, and the shit he takes on his head is unbelievable/stupid! All round genious in the ring or base. Whatever it may be.

What's the most overused move in wrestling today?

Snapmare then a kcik. SO boring and so overused. Get over it people! I dont think i have ever done one.

How did you get into backyard wrestling? Did you start watching BYW first or actually doing it?

I met Chris Cryptic through a leadership convention of all things. As i am Sports captain at my school, and he is School Captain. Not sure how the conversation got onto wrestling, but it did. He mentioned IYHWA, and i thought, i got to have a piece of that! So i guess i started doing it, before i knew of HVWA, Red Blaze etc. So glad i came across the Crypto.

If you had to pick one professional federation to work for in the future, assuming that they all will be equally successful and that you will get paid the same amount no matter which you joined, which would it be and why?

WWE. Mainly because iots the federation i have grown up watching and loving. The professionalism is second to none. And of course, good ol' Mysterio.

What qualities do you think are necessary for somebody to be a great wrestler, both wrestling qualities/abilities as well as personality traits?

Talent wise, Watch underminer, and do the opposite. Mentaly, from what ive heard thorugh pros already on the scene, you need passion, determinatyion as resilience. So its an ABC combination, and Underminer has none of it.

What is your favorite style of wrestling to watch?

Speed. Quick matches with innovation kill any other matches in my eyes. I guess that explains my love for Mysterio and otehr crusers like him. The X-Divion kicks arse. So yeah.

What is your most painful moment from a wrestling match?

I like to think i give the pain, but id have to say taking EniX's SSP at Nightfire. Nothing too serious, just got me in the wrong place. Thast why i start to kick while hes pinning me. I havent been seriosuly injured yet, dont think i will while wreslting underminer...

Why do you wear a mask? Why do you think there is such a controversy about you being one of the other IYH wrestlers in disguise? Is it just the mask, or something else?

Good farking question. In BYW, when a guy wears a mask (even if it is to replicate my favourite wreslter) people think its a second character of an existing Wrestler. People have called Me Chris Cryptic, Blair Vertigo, even Curt Unearth (Dont know why though). The reason i wear it is soley because of Rey Mysterio no otehr reason. I aint hiding anything. Stupid fans!

Can you give us a picture to put this to rest once and for all?

Sure thing. Click Here stupid idiots, its about time you started praising the right guy for his good work!

Who have you most enjoyed wrestling so far? Why?

Havent experienced as many guys as i would have liked, but i always enjoy wrestling Curt Unearth. Easy worker, and has fun in the ring.

Oh, and Underminer, cause i can beat the shit out of him on a daily basis.

Many people consider your actions toward Underminer to be taking advantage of a younger, small opponent. Why do you hate him so much, and what would you say to those critics?

Screw you basically. If i get booked every event with a little shit. Im going to kick his arse. Undermienr wants to play with the big boys? Good luck to him. Too his credit, i'm surprised hes got this far. I plan on sending him into retirement by the end of this year.

Of those wrestlers you have not yet faced, who would you most like to wrestle? Why?

Jo-Jo. Wish that mofo came back already. Just looks so awesome to wrestle. Hope he comes back sooner rather than later, he is sorely missed in IYH.

You are currently the only wrestler in IYH who consistently uses a submission finisher. Do you think that is an advantage or disadvantage? How did you choose the sharpshooter and why?

Hard to say. Submissions kick arse. SO i decided to use one to be different. I dont know many (there are some) backyarders who use a sub as there finisher becasue its not as "Glamerous", however a tightly locked in sub works just as well as a Diablo Slam, or a Here it Is Driver in my opinion.

What do you think your best match has been?

Scyther vs Tommy EniX at Nightfire. The atmosphere mixed with the moves just made fora good match. The coprwd was hot which was awesome. I still belive though my best is yet to come. SO keep ya eyes out for it.

What do you think the best match in IYHWA has been?

There have been many. Cryptic vs Undermienr shoots to mind at Nightfire (Nightfire brought out the best in everyone lol). Another biggy was Nick Fury vs Cryptic, so awesome to watch live. Im a big fan of Cryptic, got me into the yard, and hasnt ceased to entertain as yet.

Who do you think are the top three wrestlers in IYHWA and why?

Chris Cryptic
Tommy EniX
Blair Vertigo

Cryptic, as i have mentioned just gets better and better. Enix has this wierd style that is sick. Powerhouse and can flip, goes against the laws of nature. Vertigo just cause of his in ring ability alone. Awesome.

Who do you believe is the most underrated wrestler in IYHWA? Why do you think that? Why do you believe he is underrated?

Myself. Easily. If people started looking at me and saying, "Gee, joel is doing good" instead of fukin Chris Cryptic i might get some recognition for my shit!

tad arrogant bhut meh, what can ya do?

Explain the character you try to play with your in-ring personality. What's he like? What drives him? What is his style?

A heel that would rather kill someone than win. Ill take the win sure, but not without my opponent knowing ive beaten them first. I am driven by arrogance, and a belief that i belong at the top. Hopefully one day taking the title, and sit ontop of IYHWA. Style is mainly ground, and purpoiseful moves that will eventually be too much to handle for any opponent.

How do you see your character developing a year from now?

Underminer being out of the way, ill hopefully set my sights on the IYHWA title. Get some credit for the shit i do every event. Not changing my style anytime soon. Hopefully ill have some good wrestling experience under my belt, and can use that in working my matches, and make them even more entertaining/death.

Describe your current ring attire. How did you select this attire? Do you think it says anything about your character?

My attire is a simple one i think. Does resemble the cahracter i play i feel. Simple colours being black and white. In ring i am simple, yet meaningful with my moves. Nothing fancy, just kill or be killed.

How did you choose your wrestling name? Do you plan on changing it in the future?

Yes. I got it from the pokemon. Sickest name ever. Dont plan on changing it, but we will see what happens *winks*

What is a successful match to you? What has to happen for you to consider that you did well in it?

I have to win. Kidding, lol. If i come out thinking about the shit i did wrong, then the match to me isnt good. In contrast, if i step out of the ring, and instantly say "How sick was ..." the match was a success. Comes down to the mindset after the match.

If there was one thing you could change about IYHWA, what would it be?

Nothing. I am just gratefull for what we have. Im not about to go and diss the ring, or how many guys we have. Im just thankful to Crypto's parents for the shit theve done for us guys. Nothing i would change, love it.

Step us through what the day of an event is like for you. Do you do anything special to prepare? Is it fun and games or business?

Nothing cahnges. I dont play "Eye of the tiger" or any shit like that to get prepared. Wake up, eat, go. Simple really. Fun and games for me really. Forgot my mask once, dont ask what me parents said to me form blacktown... In the ring it becomes business. Cant take it too seriusly, youll get burnt out too quick.

As a wrestler, what would be the biggest compliment you could receive from a fan? From your fellow wrestlers?

Cryptic gets all my compliments the bitch form fans, so i dont know what its like! But form wreslters anything thats tells me that i had a good match. I dont need feedy however to know if i did well or not.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Start calling me Joel. Not Cryptic, that would be great! Thanks for the support, much love.