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Interview With Blair Vertigo (27 January 2007)

Blair Vertigo

For those who don't know you, go ahead and introduce yourself briefly.

Well my full name is Blair Anderson Gardner, im in yr 12 now at Marian College. I live with my parents, brother, 4 cats and dog. I live in castle hill, which is about 10 minute walk from Knightsbridge. Im 17 and cant wait to finish school and do something else.

Describe your personality. Do you think others see you this way? If not, why not?

Well im pretty down to earth, love mucking around and not being too serious. Bit quiet around people I don't know but full of fun around my friends and family, pretty genuine guy. Can probably be a bit slack to people some times, but im normally fairly nice. I imagine most people see me this way.

What would you say is your greatest quality or characteristic?

Um im probably nothing overly, but I guess just mucking around with my friends and making them laugh and going Allllll right and quieeeeeet and billllll, that type of stuff.

What grade are you in? What is your favorite subject? Your least favorite? Do you like school? Is it easy or hard?

Im in year 12, my favorite subject I guess is pd or math's- PD because its pretty easy and parts of it is interesting and math's because all my friends are there, our teacher (lano) is sick and we just fuck around and have a blast. Least favorite would be senior science or English - science because our teacher is a lost bitch and doesn't teach us anything and English because its hard and pretty pointless. In general school is fairly easy, assessments and stuff are hard, but its just so boring and fucking pointless.

Do you have any nicknames you'd like to share?

Um I have a few, Blazza, Scotsman, Mr Beautiful, Mr perfect, Blairy etc are the main ones.

What would you say are the three most important things in your life?

1. Family 2. Friends 3. WRESTLING

Do you participate in any sports other than wrestling?

I don't now. I've played AFL, soccer, basketball and stuff but currently wrestling is my one and only. I've played soccer through my whole life but stopped last year because I just really got sick of it and didn't get any enjoyment out of it anymore.

What are your hobbies?

Well my number one would be of course wrestling, whether it's doing it, watching it, reading about it, collecting magazines, dvds, vhs, posters, figures, or practicing or imitating it, wrestling takes up a large part of my life. I also love music and just relaxing and sleeping.

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? Are you looking? Describe your ideal girl.

Nope, no girlfriend. Yeh im looking, but im not going so settle for any old skank and hoe, if I was going to go out with a chick she would have to be pretty perfect, just hooking up with a chick is completely different to actually having a serious relationship with her. Idea girl would have to be really good looking with a great body and pretty face. She would also have to have a good personality and be straight forward because im not one to make the moves.

Describe your ideal day.

Have a really nice sleep and get up about 10am (not by my fucking alarm clock). Turn on the TV, watch some wrestling as I get ready for a IYH show. Get to chris's and hang around and have a great time. Put on a sick match and fuck around heaps the whole day. Then go back home get a shower and get cleaned up then go over to towers see a movie with my mates and then go back to someone's house and have a sleepover/ party and have a sick night.

What is your favorite quote and why?

'Life's too short' & 'you only live once'. Don't hold back on anything and fucking live the moment, try not to regret anything and live your life to the fullest and make sure u have a great time along the way. - even though I still do hold back on thing & stuff.

Do you drink? Smoke? Have you ever done drugs?

I don't smoke, smoking is pretty dirty, nope have never done drugs (im clean) and ill have a drink if there's a party going down!

What would you like to do for a living in the future?

If it was stable, I had a reasonable income and it was realistic I would indeed love to be a pro wrestler, but obviously its not very easy to do so.

Do you plan on remaining in Australia to pursue your career goals, or do you think you will move elsewhere? Why?

I guess it would be wherever my career takes me. If I have to stay in Australia that's fine, id be happy to, because its a great country. But id also love to move to the USA, because it's the best place for wrestling and ive been there 3 times and love it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I really would have no idea. Id love to see myself wrestling for a big promotion, but it is unrealistic. I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up and am pretty lost. A family, in a nice home and job would be fine with me.

What is one thing nobody, or very few people, knows about you that you're willing to share today?

Well im originally from Scotland and I moved to Australia in 2000, when I was 10. I didn't event know what the hell NSW was.

If you became a professional wrestler, what sort of style do you see yourself wrestling with?

Technical, scientific, bit of high flying, submission. I think these are the best styles and I wouldn't do anything else.

Which wrestler would you say has had the greatest impact on you? What have you learned from him?

Austin Aries. He's fucking awesome. I love the fact that he's 5'9 and 200 pounds. He's not the classic 300 pound cunt that does a bodyslam and leg drop, he's a fantastic athlete, mixing technical, high flying, speed and power. Its a great combination and his presence and the way he carries himself, you just cant help but respect him. I've learned the heart and passion of wrestling and that proper wrestlers and athletes are in ROH! A lot of my move set is based around him, because his moves are so innovative and new, the first time I watched him I was amazed and It opened my eyes into a total new world of wrestling.

If you had to pick one wrestler, who would you say your current wrestling style is most like?

I would have to say Aries, he's not hugely high flying but can crack it out when he needs to, he's technical and submission based and is fluent and innovative in everything he does. People like AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Davey Richards & Chris Sabin also come to mind.

Are there any backyard wrestlers you particularly admire and why?

In Australia it would have to be the whole backyard scene. From IYHWA to HWS to YWF and HVWA, each and every wrestler is fantastic, whether your CJ Phoenix, Ruzty, James Synite, Curt Unearth, Poo muffin or Pimp Jimmy, everyone I've met is truly great. In particular backyarders like ACE, Sychotic and nick fury have had a big impact on my passion for wrestling.

What's the most overused move in wrestling today?

Vertical suplex, DDT, snap mere and kick to the back all come to mind.

Your character is a Face. Why did you choose that? Would you like to play a Heel?

Yeh, I chose face and do enjoy being the good guy. Its great trying to get everyone behind you and chasing the championship and getting the shit beat out of you by heels. I also reckon my face character could go further and I could build myself up to be a good favorite if I can get some storylines going. I would indeed love to play heel, and I reckon I could do a pretty great job of it. I would love to be super violent and really drill people In the ring. I love the idea a big heel faction being super violent and handing out beat downs whenever they want and shit.

How did you get into backyard wrestling? Did you start watching BYW first or actually doing it?

Got foxtell in early 2002, saw an add for backlash and was like sweet ( id always been aware of wrestling and thought it was sick but never properly gotten into it), tuned into fox 8 or sky sports at the time and was so hooked from there on, I was practically obsessed and never ever missed a minute of raw or SD! 2004 royal rumble I decide to get and invited Alfred and Diablo over. We all love it and got really into it. Backlash I started inviting Chris and Enix too and we always then made sure we never missed a ppv and we all got really into it. Then we mucked around at chris's upstairs and started to do royal rumbles. We also got exposed to HVWA and I thought they were fucking awesome, we hadn't seen any TNA, or roh or anything so their styles and moves blew us away, we really respected them and decided to form our own fed and do our own showes, upstairs. After only 2 events we knew we needed something more and built a ring in chris's backyard and then became aware of the whole backyard community. We then grew and got better and turned into what we are today.

Who is your favorite professional wrestler? Why?

I do have a lot, I have a top 20 that I keep on changing. Here is my top 6.
1. Austin Aries, just my favorite plain and simple, love everything about him
2. AJ styles, he is truly simply phenomenal, awesome wrestler and athlete all round
3. Brian Danielson, If anyone deserves to be champ its him, a fantastic wrestler and a true champion.
4. Matt Sydal, Truly athletically gifted, has a great ability and a great babyface, again awesome
5. Davey Richards, great intensity and and passion, has the potential to go very far imo
6. Brisco Brothers, imo the best wrestling tag team in the world. Technical, speed, high flying power, there isn't anything these guys can do, military press, ssp to ranas thay are brilliant and fukn awesome team.

I've got a list of all my favorite wrestler on my myspace if u want to check it out.

If you had to pick one professional federation to work for in the future, assuming that they all will be equally successful and that you will get paid the same amount no matter which you joined, which would it be and why?

Would definitely be ROH. Would love to move to America and tour the indy scene. Id love to have most of my career in ROH and become ROH champion and travel to Japan, UK and Mexico with wrestling. Once I reach 30 or 40 it would be sweet to go to WWE and be like taker or flair and just fuck around and appear occasionally and have a easy ride, then I would like to go into creative writing, that would be so much fun.

What qualities do you think are necessary for somebody to be a great wrestler, both wrestling qualities/abilities as well as personality traits?

You have to have a passion and a will to wrestle. I Cant stand guys like Cena, Batista & lashley who are just jacked up muscle heads and saw wrestling and said, oh I could do that , they never had the dream of becoming a wrestler ( the 3 current WWE champions atm LOL!!). Passion is the main thing, then things like ability and skill. You also should be in shape and have respect for yourself and the industry. If I was a wrestler I would want to be the best I possibly can, not just a blue fat cunt like the blue meanie etc. Passion is the number one, as without it there's no point in trying.

What is your favorite style of wrestling to watch?

High flying, technical, submission & scientific. ROH covers all this and it's a fantastic brand to watch. Asian wrestling, whether dragon gate or NOAH is also great wrestling and the speed and intensity is off the charts.

Who have you most enjoyed wrestling so far? Why?

Cryptic is always easy to wrestle as you don't need to worry about the match because we know each other so well and always put on a good show. Diablo is also good to wrestle for the same reasons and being a lighter weight is really a good bonus as u can do moves much more easier and better to him. All the new people I wrestle is also very exciting to have the chance to wrestler them and learn from them.

Of those you have not yet faced, who would you most like to wrestle? Why?

JO-JO. His power game is something great to work and he has a great ability and strength to work with. He's a great guy and willing to do anything in the ring. I look forward to putting on a match with him In the near future.

What do you think your best match has been?

I would put Myself v Diablo at Nightfire. Match went fairly well and the crowd really got into it, we went all out and I think we put on a really good performance and an entertaining match.

What do you think the best match in IYHWA has been?

Its hard to say as really the most current matches are the best as were always improving, the most memorable and best matches that come to mind are: Myself and Diablo at Nightfire, Enix v JO-Jo at Damnation, Cryptic v Synite at DOTI and Diablo v Cryptic at RTTT was a top match too.

Who do you think are the top three wrestlers in IYHWA and why?

(in no order)

Curt Unearth- Has a great knowledge, is easy to work with and is underestimated, if he has an opponent that complements his style he can put on a great match.

Michael Diablo- Has a great view of wrestling and is a great form of opponent. His size is a great bonus as being lighter its much easier to do moves to him and have a different style when u verse him

Chris Cryptic- Solid wrestler that is always ready in a match for the next move. Can alter his match to suit different levels and has a good character.

Who do you believe is the most underrated wrestler in IYHWA? Why do you think that? Why do you believe he is underrated?

JO-JO. People tend to look past him and think of him to job to. He has the potential to be really great and has great strength and ability. He's rough around the edges but a fantastic member of IYHWA.

Who do you think is the most improved wrestler and has the potential to improve more?

Without a doubt, Tommy Enix. Since arriving he has improved drastically and really does have the potential to be one of the top of IYHWA if he continues to do what he's been doing and learn a more technical style.

Explain the character you try to play with your in-ring personality. What's he like? What drives him? What is his style?

I try to play a classic face. Some one who will stand up to the heels and will use his ability to win matches. He's a fairly general character with no gimmick and really is myself with nothing extra. The quest to really get top the top of IYHWA drives him. I do try to mix technical, submission, scientific and high flying.

How do you see your character developing a year from now?

Really becoming a stronger face and a more dominant and respected character. Someone when you look at him you know he's good and carry myself with respect and like a true champion.

Describe your current ring attire. How did you select this attire? Do you think it says anything about your character?

Boxing shoes from park lea, white kickpads, black knee pads, orange shorts (always wanted them, just like the bright colour), black singlet (every1 else use to wear white so I decided to wear black) and white sweat bands and a greenish hoody for my entrance, practically every1 wears a entrance jacket now though. Doesn't really say anything, --but expect an attire change In the future..

How did you choose your wrestling name? Do you plan on changing it in the future?

Well my original name was Panifan lyger. I got panifan fro the soccer club panifanikos and I got lyger from the pro wrestler. I then took away panifan because it sounded pretty gay and just became lyger. Then I decided to use my first name to because it is pretty original and a nice name to, so I became Blair lyger. I then got Vertigo from this movie I saw and always had blair vertigo in the back of my mind as a awesome name, but didn't want to change my name again or i was going to change it later on . Then as we got into hvwa & cam said I should change my name and I though perfect, so it gave me a excuse to change my name & I changed it to Blair vertigo full time. I definitely wont change it, I recon it's a awesome name.

What is a successful match to you? What has to happen for you to consider that you did well in it?

A successful match would have zero to little botches, flow nicely, have some technical wrestling, tough moves and nice spots and have a classy finish. You can normally tell whether the match was good or not and knowing your opponent well and being comfortable with him will always lead to a successful match.

If there was one thing you could change about IYHWA, what would it be?

DO MORE SHOWS. There is millions of reasons why we don't get shows done and it really annoys me. Things like weather and stuff it cant be helped but when someone says oh ive got a assessment to do or no we just had one 3 weeks ago it really pisses me off because if we have any day free for a show we should do it. I vote for a show every 2-3 weeks.

Step us through what the day of an event is like for you. Do you do anything special to prepare? Is it fun and games or business?

I would probably get to Chris's around 11. We would then probably fix the ring up a little bit pop the tarp on and clean up the yard a bit. We would then sit around plan spots and go over things. During this time we would all be pissing around too and having fun. Then get the event done and mark out and have a awesome show and then go off home. I don't do anything to prepare, I don't even stretch. Nightfire I tried listening to music to pump me up and it helped a bit. IYHWA shows are all fun and games, whether its throwing bread rolls out of the window at me on the ring, smacking each other with shaving cream or trying on a new Johnston family hat on, its always good times.

As a wrestler, what would be the biggest compliment you could receive from a fan? From your fellow wrestlers?

From a fan just things like your awesome and I love the hart of darkness etc, its nice that they know what your moves are and stuff. From a wrestler just things like after a match going, great match dude, I enjoyed it and stuff.

What has been the funniest moment in IYHWA so far?

Obviously there is tonz of great moments. The funniest one I can remember was last event where Synite and enix were up on the roof and me Diablo and Unearth were on the ring and we started throwing things at each other, bread rolls, chest pieces, sticks, rocks, pillows, hats, teddy bears, tape and muffins. We kept sconning each other then chris came out, someone threw a roll at me and it went all over the ring and chris threw a skitz and yelled "what the fuk are you doing blair, clean it all up" and everyone laughed and then started throwing shit again and I got blamed for it, and Enix was also taking photos of me changing into synite shorts and was being a pervert, then we hit each other with shaving cream at night and kept sack whacking synite until his gratefruits shriveled into tiny grapes, lol

Where do you see IYHWA in a years time?

I think we will be a very strong and respected fed. I think we will gain some more members and keep pulling in some great fans for live events, I think our level of wrestling will keep improving and the whole fed will be fantastic wrestlers.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thanks a lot for supporting IYHWA. Its great that u guys all go on our website and follow our videos. I promise to take some sick bumps and put on some awesome matches so u guys can watch them and have a blast! xx